Som Imaging Informatics - Serious Innovations in Content Management

CIO Vendor Enterprise content management (ECM) market has been evolving with adherence to its adoption by organizations who continue to transition away from paper-based document management practices. As ECM resides in the core of businesses today, small and medium businesses are deploying solution in order to streamline document search, retrieve, and access and archive procedures. This in turn, drives productivity and enhances employee collaboration while enabling faster decision making. Based out of Kolkata, Som Imaging Informatics Private Limited, branded as Somnetics, is a key player in the digital revolution with deep domain understanding of business process management, imaging & information management and content management. The company has designed an integrated content management solution built around a dynamic business process management model to deliver value across businesses. Over the years, Somnetics has been assisting businesses automate and streamline their operations by leveraging advanced analytical capabilities for business transformation.

The World Economic Forum’s Digital and Media Society report says: digitization has enhanced the “flexibility for workers and employers, boosting productivity and enabling greater work-life integration”. This report has been cited in the not so distant past, in favor of digitization. With routine work catching pace, businesses need more mobility in work-flow. Som Imaging Informatics’ ECM solution has been a part and parcel of this digital rev-olution. “With the power of seamless platform, it becomes a showcase of speed, quality and innovation in Internet of Things”, comments Subhendu Sarkar, VP - Strategic Business, Som Imaging Informatics.

Since its establishment in 1996, Somnetics has gathered clients across various segments such as government, BFSI, healthcare, travel & leisure, metal & mining and large private enterprises, delivering digitally transformed solutions that are ‘industry vertical agnostic’. Enjoying decades of rich experience of successfully managing hundreds of ECM or MSDS projects, the organization has crossed the mark of 500 million documents to be digitized and a few billion meta-indexes to be managed. As extraordinary an achievement as it is, in India as well as in the global level, Somnetics maintains intense hard work at the core.

Being the first ECM solution provider in India to press a highly secure private cloud for remote image processing, data capture and analytic, Somnetics emphasizes on enabling secure and efficient business operation. “Any user can customize our code-less solution framework easily and for building a new application it reduces development, testing and deployment effort by at least 70-80 percent. Moreover, the entire project team is assisted by world class software developers, who provide assistance in case of automating a challenging process”, asserts Susanta Das, Head - Software Development, Som Imaging Informatics.

A Digitization Strategy So Unique
In the current work-life routine, every single piece of business content is tied to a business process. As ECM mobile platforms have gained momentum in the market, the need of a dedicated work space has lessened. Shantanu Som, Founder Director, Som Imaging Informatics, explains further that when an organization works manually to maintain a back-end, the process not only becomes labor intensive but also is time consuming and finally falls into the trap of rising cost of maintenance. With its solutions and services, Somnetics facilitates an organization with a ‘front-loaded’ digitization strategy rather than manual in-tensive ‘back-end’ or storage centric approach. By incorporating technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), classification tools, and extraction methods, the solution eliminates dependence on paper documents and organizes unstructured information according to business need. The solution empowers customers to take control of their contents at the beginning of a digital life-cycle that goes through automation and finally bridges the digital content with applications and dependent business processes from the outset.

Implementing workflow in ECM often becomes cumbersome task while providing organizations with a framework to deliver and manage critical information to its employees, business stakeholders and customers as well. Somnetics’ solution ensures that every document or any other hard content asset document is immediately scanned or captured, classified and stored in the secured repository. These documents are then used to trigger work-flows and automated business processes.
While streamlining the life-cycle of information with document management and automates process work-flows, the in-built BPMN-2.0 based rule engine reduces the manual tasks thereby making the content intensive processes more efficient. With this, ECM allows businesses to effectively obtain, organize, store and deliver critical information to its employees, business stakeholders and customers. Besides, the company’s ECM and MSDS projects are driven by a digital work-flow that keeps track of batch processing, scanning specifications and data entry.

Processing of customer application forms, examination forms and other OMR forms has always played an important role in an organization. One usually has to depend on a number of vendors to carry out various phases of the entire information extracting job. Often an office is cluttered with papers and documents that cannot be disposed; it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that the best way to clean up is to scan them into digitized documents and secure them forever to make them more search-able and share-able. Taking a more in-depth measure, Somnetics’ Seamless Solution is an 'element integrated platform' that supports rapid development of business process automation applications. It is the unifying technology behind our various software products. Seamless is the ultimate Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework for development of high performance, high availability, Cloud ready.

Somnetics brought in a combination of technologies not only to capture every variety of content but also implemented automation of the capture process to reduce human errors

The application development potentials have a stake in traditional business solutions, healthcare, bioinformatics, document management, digital archives, smart grids, smart cities and hybrid industrial automation space. A product from OpenLabs, the R&D lab of Somnetics, Seamless is made in India and has Somnetics’ eyed glued to become the flag bearer of the high technology solution domain, worldwide.

360 Degree Solution to the Hard Contents
Given their domain expertise, Somnetics’ integrated end to end ECM solution is supporting a large global enterprise in Metal & Mining segment. The goal of the proposed project is to improve the effective management of customer’s business content while common drivers include enabling easy access and retrieval of content, as well as, reducing risk and meeting regulatory requirements. Som Imaging has worked closely and strategically with customer in ECM implementation planning with attention to detail.

Somnetics’ solution helped the business to capture all their hard contents across several departments and locations effectively. Apart from on-going contents customer had backlogs in terms of very old, brittle documents as well as old odd and large sized drawings where traditional scanning methodologies aren’t the best fit. Somnetics brought in a combination of technologies not only to capture every variety of content but also implemented automation of the capture process to reduce human errors. This included the customer support in understanding and monitoring quality and volume of capture in real time. The platform built, helped customer to store all digital contents securely in one centralized repository, while enabling the organization to retain and control the content, integrate with other applications and connect it to their business. Further, this built-in platform capability to capture Sensor/IoT data, monitor and able to trigger workflows relevant to business processes from such data is going to help customer to maintain compliances with stringent environmental regulations.

Over the years, Somnetics has emerged as a ‘Digital Transformation’ company from being an ‘Imaging Informatics’ company. “Our strong and disruptive solutions in Workflow Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IoT and cognitive ECM had helped immensely to achieve that”, adds Shantanu, Founder Director, Som Imaging Informatics. With its labs and R&D team, continues to innovate in the RPA, IoT and cognitive AI space. Having planned to leverage emerging technologies such as Data Analytics and Blockchain, the organization envisages developing quality products and automated service platforms that would cause disruption in the current market landscape. Being a CMMI Level 3 and ISO certified company; Somnetics strives to expand its customer base in the global market with its partner network in the years to come.